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What does our care mean in people’s lives?
The Brookline Center’s clients, partners, and donors are proud to share their stories.

We believe: Every child can grow up to be a healthy, well-functioning adult. Every person can live life to its fullest potential. Every family can access affordable, outstanding mental health care. Brookline can be a community that makes all of this possible.

We invite you to find out from our clients exactly how The Brookline Center creates hope, healing, and brighter futures. To learn from our donors what motivates their commitment and generosity. And to witness, through the eyes of the community professionals who are our partners, the impact of outstanding, affordable mental health services in our community. This is what it looks like when together we invest in community well-being.Save





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Program Stories

Boldly Envisioning The Future of Mental Health Care

While most mental health innovation focuses on enhancing the existing system, the Innovation Institute seeks to change the fundamentals of the system itself, aiming to transform systems of care by changing where care is delivered, how we provide care, and who provides care.

Boldly Growing bryt’s Statewide Impact

Nationwide, roughly 50% of students with serious mental health challenges drop out of school. The Brookline Center’s bryt program is changing this trajectory, transforming how schools support students with the most serious mental health challenges and school culture around mental health. 

A Bold Approach To Early Psychosis Intervention

Early intervention is critical to improving life outcomes for youth experiencing psychosis, and The Brookline Center’s CEDAR (Center for Early Detection, Assessment and Response to Risk) Clinic is one of only three programs in Massachusetts that provides care when young people are just beginning to exhibit signs and symptoms. 

Boldly Bridging Gaps in Psychosis Support

Our Massachusetts Psychosis Access and Triage Hub (M-PATH) program aims to fill this critical gap, helping connect young people with psychosis services that best meet their needs. The program also offers families interim support, including education, care coordination, and guidance from peers and family partners.

Boldly Improving Veterans’ Care

A partnership between The Brookline Center and Soldier On, a Massachusetts nonprofit that provides transitional housing and services for homeless veterans, is helping former servicemembers across the state manage their health more effectively.  

Child sitting at laptop, smiling.

Boldly Advancing Mental Health In Urban And Rural Schools

Schools are the best place to connect, engage, and provide young people access to mental health services,” says Dr. Carolyn Castro-Donlan, Project Director of the Massachusetts School-Based Telebehavioral Health Project (THP).

Father and son sitting together smiling.

Boldly Paving A Path For Urgent, Personalized Care

Increasing demand for outpatient mental health services has led to longer delays in accessing treatment. Without timely access to care, people with urgent needs have few options outside of seeking treatment at hospital emergency departments.  

Boldly Harnessing The Power Of Nature

In November, The Brookline Center broke ground on a new Outdoor Therapeutic Space, marking a milestone in the Center’s mission to develop innovative approaches to care. Harnessing the proven healing power of nature, the space will provide multiple benefits for clients and clinicians.

Donor Stories

Boldly Investing In Innovation

“Better outcomes for patients is the ultimate goal,” says Brookline Center Board Member Pam Lodish, who together with her husband Dr. Harvey Lodish, made the most significant individual gift in the Center’s history to date: $1 million to seed fund The Brookline Center Innovation Institute. 

Opening Doors for Student Mental Health: The Ruderman Family Foundation

Through a robust partnership and multi-year investments totaling nearly $1 million, the Ruderman Family Foundation has been a driving force behind the expansion of The Brookline Center’s bryt program across Massachusetts.  

Two Generations, a Singular Commitment to Brookline: The Kaplan & Peck Families

Cathy Kaplan first got to know the Center as a young mother in need of help. Forty years later, her daughter, Jane Kaplan Peck, joined the Center’s Board of Directors.

Long-Time Brookline Residents Shape Their Legacy: Nancy & Reddi

Nancy and Reddi chose to give to The Brookline Center’s Legacy Society, where donors transform the lives of adults, children and families in need for years to come.

Addressing a Need in Their Backyard: Soumen & Sutanuka’s Story

“We intend to be here for a long time, with a child who will be entering the public schools soon. We get so much from living here, and we want to contribute what we can in return.”

Please Share YOUR Story

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