Outstanding Care

Because none of us is immune to the impact of poor mental health.

Everyone should have a place to turn for help in times of need.

For thousands of people and families in Brookline and nearby, The Brookline Center is that place. We provide universal access to the highest-quality mental health care for children, adults, elders, and families regardless of their ability to pay, the severity of their condition, or their type of insurance–even if insurance coverage stops. We go beyond psychotherapy to address social, familial, economic, academic and other issues that impact a person’s well-being and functioning.

We believe every person can live life to its fullest potential. Our services are highly effective in making that possible. Too often, poor mental health inhibits daily functioning, damages relationships, and shuts down future opportunities. Untreated mental illness can lead to great harm. Together with our partners and donors, The Brookline Center improves these outcomes. People build greater resilience and uncover possibilities they couldn’t consider before. Families of those struggling with mental health gain hope. Mental health crises decrease in severity and/or duration.

The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health is dedicated to providing outstanding care for the whole community. As our clients, our partners, and our donors can tell you, our care transforms lives.

Counting on care


Provide approximately $1.8 million in free and reduced-fee care


Deliver close to 42,000 hours of care for nearly 4,000 people (including more than 1,500 children)


More than one-third of the care we provide is not covered by public or private insurance