Groups for Adults

Supportive communities for shared challenges.

All of us experience challenges in our adult lives. Group therapy can be a powerful tool for working through experiences and emotions together.

The Brookline Center offers dozens of psychotherapeutic and process groups where adults can address issues such as improving relationships and self-image or changing limiting patterns. Groups provide a safe place for adults to share common struggles, find support, and move forward with new skills and ways of thinking.

We offer both mixed-gender and single-gender groups tailored to specific issues or stages of life. The Center offers a range of discussion-based processing groups, as well as an observation group program to help clinical leaders build group therapy skills. Some of our groups also incorporate approaches such as mindfulness, creative arts, or supportive activities.

Groups address topics such as:

  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Managing depression, anxiety, and other stressors
  • Navigating work and life transitions in early adulthood
  • Handling late-life transitions, including retirement and loss
  • Moving forward after a personal or mental health setback
  • Changing addictive or limiting habits and self-perceptions
  • Releasing stress and cultivating a healthier mindset


The Center’s adult groups are open to anyone who lives in Brookline or the Greater Boston area. We offer groups with morning, afternoon, and evening times on weekdays. Groups are ongoing, and many accept new members year-round. Additional groups (e.g. grief and loss, parenting, creative arts, etc.) are offered intermittently. Please contact us to inquire about availability.