Safety Net for the Community

Collaborating to improve the well-being of all.

A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable members, a belief we share with many committed partners.

With our team of nearly 100 clinicians, staff in all nine Brookline public schools, and partnerships with healthcare providers and more than 35 public agencies, The Brookline Center plays an essential public health role for Brookline and neighboring communities. We’ve found that our community approach to mental health offers a model of care–and a depth of success–like no other, by weaving clinical therapies into a network of community engagement.

Brookline Center clinicians consider mental health within the context of contributing social, economic and other factors. We address myriad issues as interconnected: housing stability, school success, public safety, elder well-being, child welfare, work productivity, food security, violence prevention, family stability, senior protection, healthy relationships, and so much more.

We help our partners incorporate a deeper appreciation for mental health and well-being in their work. For example, our in-school services for child and youth improve mental health, wellbeing, and long-term prospects for individual students and their families–and foster positive, safe school communities for all. Our consultations with the Brookline Police Department help officers better recognize and respond to mental health challenges. Our support and case management for people in immediate danger of losing their homes or who are homeless in Brookline and neighboring communities give hundreds of people each year a fresh chance at stability, with implications for employment, education, family well-being, and child safety.

Through formal collaborations and as a community resource, The Brookline Center is here, providing essential mental health services and valuable expertise in a variety of settings. By taking the lead on our town’s mental health needs, we help our partners focus on what they do best and elevate our collective impact. Together, we’re creating a healthier Brookline for all.

Counting on care


34% of Brookline households face unsustainable housing costs, eviction, or another type of housing issue (Brookline Community Foundation, 2012).


We partner with more than 35 local agencies and all 9 Brookline public schools to provide comprehensive care.


700 families count on The Brookline Center each year to help them stay safely housed.