Our Community Approach

Where the well-being of everyone matters.

Our mental health affects every one of us in countless ways, each day. Our well-being depends on it. Poor mental health knows no social or economic boundaries. Its causes are often complex and intertwined. In response, community mental health offers a model of care like no other, weaving clinical therapies into a network of community engagement.

Our expertise

At The Brookline Center, we ensure that adults, children, and families in our community can access care where and when they need it. We provide outpatient mental health treatment and integrated social services for thousands of people each year, of all backgrounds and cultures. In particular, we care for underserved individuals with lower and moderate incomes, limited care access, and serious mental illness. We open our doors to every Brookline resident–and, in some cases, those in neighboring communities–serving individuals and families facing adverse life circumstances or struggling with mental health issues, even with severe conditions or limited ability to pay.

Our community mental health care approach

With our team of nearly 100 clinicians, staff in every Brookline public school, and partnerships with healthcare providers and public agencies, The Brookline Center considers mental health within the context of contributing social, economic and other factors. We help our partners incorporate a deeper appreciation for mental health and wellbeing in their work, providing expertise that helps them focus on what they do best and elevating our collective impact. Together, we’re improving wellbeing, helping individuals and families lead healthier, safer and fuller lives.

Our history

The Brookline Center was founded as the Brookline Community Mental Health Center in 1958 by Edna Stein, a gifted innovator and advocate for people living with mental illness, alongside a core group of allies who shared her passion. Today we build on their vision: The Brookline Center has achieved a statewide reputation for excellence in mental health services and mental health training. The Center is now one of the area’s leading human services resources, dedicated to improving health, addressing challenges, nurturing compassion, transforming lives, and fostering a more resilient community.

The Brookline Center proudly operates as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.