Help for the Homeless or At Risk

Supporting individuals and families at any stage of housing instability.

Everyone needs a safe place to live.

In partnership with the Brookline Housing Authority (BHA) and public/private organizations throughout the area, The Brookline Center’s Community Team helps people stabilize their living situations and identify long-term solutions. Through our support and homelessness prevention programs, Community Team works with people facing eviction or in danger of losing their homes, and those who are already homeless. Our programs help resolve housing crises by connecting people with critical supports and stable, long-term housing.

  • Currently Homeless

    Brookline residents who are homeless can turn to The Brookline Center for help finding and moving into more stable housing. The Community Team mobilizes resources throughout Brookline to help individuals and families and provides personalized case management.

  • Facing Eviction

    People living in Brookline, Newton, Waltham, and Watertown who are currently facing eviction can turn to The Brookline Center for emergency assistance and housing alternatives. Our Community Team partners with organizations throughout the area to help individuals and families stabilize or change their living situations so that they can move away from the uncertain edge of homelessness, and in some cases provides direct funding to avert a crisis.

Center Services

The Brookline Center Community Team can help with homelessness prevention by stabilizing the situation, identifying housing options and negotiating with a landlord/site manager. We also help people work on budgeting issues and get access to job training and related referrals that help them regain confidence, security, and self-sufficiency.

Funding and resources

In some cases, the Center may be able to provide direct funding for up to 6 months of rent (including overdue back rent), moving costs, security deposits, and utility payments to help people gain or keep secure housing. Community Team members may also help with access to other supports and resources that can aid in homelessness prevention, such as food, furniture, Social Security, or health insurance.


These programs are open to residents of Brookline who are homeless and to residents of Brookline, Newton, Waltham, and Watertown who are at clear risk of becoming homeless. All must meet income and other program criteria. Some documentation is required. The Community Team Program Coordinator will discuss the details with those requesting help with homelessness prevention.

Find Help

If you believe you qualify for assistance please fill out the form below and someone from the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program will be in contact with you within two days of completing the form whether you qualify for help, or with additional resources.