Creating a healthier Brookline for all.

Through our partnerships with the Town of Brookline and dozens of local agencies, The Brookline Center creates an invisible web of support throughout the community.

Good mental health produces positive outcomes in so many areas—from schools to housing to health care. Few communities are strategic, though, in addressing the interwoven, often complex mental health and social needs of their residents. Brookline is different. This is a community that works towards the wellbeing of all of its residents.

As the town’s leading resource for mental health care and services, The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health works with local partners to provide comprehensive and highly effective services to individuals and families. We help our partners incorporate a deeper appreciation for mental health and wellbeing into their work, too. In both formal collaborations and less visible ways, we help our partners focus on what they do best and elevate our collective impact. Together, we’re creating a healthier Brookline for all.

Looking for Women and Girls Thriving? As of March 2019, this group is now Women Thriving, Inc., a standalone nonprofit organization.