Groups for Kids & Teens

Helping kids and teens grow more resilient.

Depression. Social anxiety. Peer conflict. Kids and teens deal with a lot these days.

Group programs at The Brookline Center help young people overcome challenges so they can enjoy fuller lives and experience brighter futures. Led by experienced clinicians, each group addresses a specific need or age group. Some groups feature discussion, others focus on play. All provide a safe environment where children and teens can express their concerns and develop life-enhancing skills.

Groups we offer

Our group offerings for kids and teens vary each year based on the needs of the community. We typically offer:

  • Social skills groups: Children with an array of challenges learn to control impulses, negotiate conflict, communicate effectively, and navigate peer interactions.
  • Single-gender groups: Adolescents develop confidence while learning to navigate conflict and nurture positive friendships in a single-gender setting.
  • Teens returning to school after extended absence: Teens develop tools for managing school, family, relationships, and mental health challenges in high school and beyond.


Most child and teen groups start or reconvene in the fall each year. As a community-centered organization, the Center provides priority access to groups to those who live or attend school in Brookline; depending on the group, we may be able to offer access to residents of neighboring communities as well.