Financial Stewardship

Ensuring access to care.

The Brookline Center endures as an independent, community-based health center because of sound fiscal management.


Insurance and fees cover less than half of The Brookline Center’s revenue base. Although health insurance is mandatory in Massachusetts, low and moderate income individuals and families may often experience gaps in coverage, while others may have insurance that does not cover the duration, frequency, or type of care they require. As a result, we depend on philanthropy which, in 2020, contributed 20% of the Center’s income, or $1.34 million. Contributions by private individuals, companies, and foundations help ensure that adults and children who need our help can find outstanding, affordable, comprehensive care.


Our 2020 operating budget was $7.8 million. We carefully manage our finances to make sure every donation has the intended impact. This year, 78% of our operating budget focused on mental health programs, services, and clinic operations. Administrations costs were slightly higher this year, in part because of a facilities project underway to increase handicap accessibility, expand clinical space, and update systems at the Center.

Read our 2020 Annual Report, Ready & Able, to learn more about what your partnership and your commitment make possible.

Counting on Care


We are grateful to the 1,438 generous individuals, companies, and foundations who made gifts of $1.3 million to sustain core services and grow innovative programs.


Public funding covers 19% of the Center’s annual budget. Many years ago, local, state, and federal funds covered 70%. Donors help close this gap.


Average reimbursement by private health insurance covers only 65% of the true cost of care: on average, the Center may receive $77 in insurance and fees for an hour of care that costs $138 to deliver. Some services are not covered by insurance at all.