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MetroMediation can help you resolve family, court, work, and youth disputes.

Find a fair solution to a difficult disagreement. Preserve or heal relationships. A skilled, neutral mediator can help. Our mediation services are voluntary, confidential, and free. Dealing with conflict can be costly and upsetting. Legal action can sometimes make things worse. Tempers flare. People use angry and inflammatory language. With mediators’ help, conversations can go much better. Mediation can help you find a positive, personal solution through conversations that let you air your concerns, hear others out, and keep intact the relationships you care about.

Metropolitan Mediation Services (MetroMediation, for short) helps resolve conflicts throughout Greater Boston and enables community volunteers to do this extremely satisfying work. Our caring mediators–a pool of social workers, attorneys, educators, and others–help all parties express their perspectives, consider and propose solutions, and arrive at a mutual agreement. Mediators do not decide who is right or wrong, nor what the solution should be, and they don’t force a decision. Their neutral guidance helps you navigate difficult conversations and find the solution that everyone in the dispute agrees is suitable.

Since 1986, MetroMediation has helped thousands of people successfully reach agreement in their families, workplaces, and communities. A nonprofit organization, MetroMediation is a program of The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health and part of its mission to help people live healthier, safer, fuller lives.

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Confidentiality is the spirit and practice in mediation by MetroMediation, and is protected by statute (MGL Ch. 233, s. 23C) and, in court referred matters, by the SJC Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution.