Transitional Housing

A path to lasting self-sufficiency.

The Brookline Center operates one program that pairs interim housing with personal skill-building.

Our program supports people through the transition from homelessness to stability by recognizing that establishing a reliable living situation often requires more than just finding affordable housing. Gaining new skills can help individuals move toward greater self-sufficiency, improved confidence and better quality of life for themselves, and their families.

Transitional Housing Program
for homeless families

Through an extensive partnership between The Brookline Center and the Brookline Housing Authority (BHA), the Transitional Housing Program helps homeless families leave Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) shelters, regain their footing, and move towards stability and independence. Participating families are placed in a unit in a BHA family housing development for up to nine months. They work with Brookline Center staff to develop a self-sufficiency plan and build the skills and resources necessary to achieve their goals. Their Brookline Center case manager can also connect them to complementary services and supports. At the end of nine months (and after meeting their goals), families transition to permanent housing status, with specialized support available for another six months. The Brookline Center’s Care Coordinator reviews referrals and evaluates families for placement.