In-school mental health services.

The Brookline Center provides counseling and prevention, and consultation services on-site in every Brookline public school, as well as consulting to independent schools.

Early mental health intervention makes all the difference for young people. Children served through our school-based programs are often those with complex needs who benefit from comprehensive supports and multiple services. The Brookline Center provides observation, preventative care, advocacy, and care coordination for individual students; consultation, observation, and crisis planning and intervention for teachers and administrators; and education for parents, teachers, and staff. The results are clear: we see improvements in wellbeing, classroom functioning, and collaboration between parents and schools, as well as a decrease in bullying and social isolation of youth and families.

In addition to these services, The Brookline Center created and runs several notable programs in Brookline schools and beyond. Our pioneering bryt Program offers school-based supports for students experiencing mental health challenges. bryt launched at Brookline High School more than a decade ago and can be found in close to 200 schools across Massachusetts, serving 50 percent of the state’s high school students, and seven other states.