Get Consultation or Workshops

MetroMediation is a resource for your workplace or community.

Consult about a specific situation

Courts, businesses, government agencies, local police, housing authorities, consumer groups, and others all regularly refer disputes to MetroMediation. If you’ve encountered a conflict or situation in need of mediation, we can help. We handle all types of civil disputes—including business-to-business, individual-to-individual, and organizational. To request mediation expertise, please contact us, or suggest that the people in the conflict do so. These services are voluntary, confidential, and free.

Get help setting up a conflict resolution program

Learn to manage interpersonal or organizational conflicts that can crop up in your organization or business. Drawing on decades of experience in conflict resolution, MetroMediation can help you develop and manage conflict resolution programs for your workplace or community. We can also provide peer mediation advice and as-needed services. We offer sliding scale fee-based consulting and training to businesses, schools, organizations, and communities throughout Greater Boston.

Request a conflict resolution workshop

Whether you have current issues to resolve or want to establish a more open, positive environment for the future, MetroMediation can provide conflict resolution and peer mediation workshops for your employees, volunteers, or students. We offer workshops at our Brookline Village location on a variety of topics. We can also work with you to develop customized workshops–single sessions, retreats, or multi-part series–hosted at your office or other location.