Mediation Resources

Helpful resources for mediators in Massachusetts and beyond

The following links to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) organizations and outside resources may be of interest to current and prospective mediators:

The Consensus Building Institute

The Consensus Building Institute (CBI) improves the way leaders, advocates, experts, and communities make public and organizational decisions. In addition to describing the organization and its work, this site also links to their impressive list of publications and resources.

The Harvard Mediation Program

The Harvard Mediation Program (HMP) is an independent clinical program of the Harvard Law School, devoted to the training of mediators and the provision of mediation services to the community. HMP is and MMS collaborate both in providing community mediation services and in providing training and education programs to mediators.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Documents, Administrative Office of the MA Trial Court

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court offers several documents of interest:

  • Pamphlet: A Guide to Court-Connected Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
  • Qualification Rule (Including Training Requirements): Rule 8 of the Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution
  • Qualification Rule Guidelines (Including Training Requirements): Rule 8 Guidelines
  • Full Text of Uniform Rules: SJC Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution

Graduate Programs in Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts, Boston

UMass/Boston offers both a Graduate Certificate and a Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution. These programs are designed to provide students with the ability to understand the causes of conflict, recognize its patterns and dynamics, and intervene effectively in conflict situations. Some MetroMediation mediators also serve as adjunct faculty for these programs. The UMass programs should be of interest to those seeking a broader and deeper education in Dispute Resolution.

Town of Brookline

Official website of the Town of Brookline, MA