Our Culture & Values

Working in a professional environment of caring and growth.

As an employer and a clinical training center, The Brookline Center is committed to its providers and clients alike.

What is it like to work or train here? We deeply value high quality care—and the people who provide and facilitate it. Just as we care for each individual client, we cultivate each staff member. We believe in treating each individual with respect, nurturing growth, and partnering in shared commitment to a strong organization for a strong community.

For clinicians on staff

Our comprehensive mental health care model means we provide clients with the care they need, across disciplines, in intersecting aspects of their lives, and over the long-term, if warranted. In our team-based approach, colleagues are often consulting with each other and sharing ideas. As a result, our clinicians find their work extremely effective and deeply satisfying.

The Brookline Center invests time and attention in clinicians’ professional development. On three Fridays each month throughout the academic year, expert speakers discuss specialized modalities and pressing topics in the field. (These sessions provide CEUs.)

For clinicians in training

Committed both to teaching and to learning from others, our entire clinical staff is involved in the Center’s clinical training programs. Our trainees gain a broad, multi-faceted approach with hands-on experience in both short- and long-term care, working with a broad array of clients of all ages. They work with clients effectively within community systems and collaborate in partnership with dozens of public and private agencies. Among our staff of nearly 100 clinicians, trainees can easily find mentors and teachers that match their particular interests.

For non-clinical staff

Our professional and administrative staff are highly collegial, welcoming, and supportive. From our front office staff to our development team, each person plays an essential role in bringing greater hope and possibility to the lives of people and families in Brookline and beyond.