Elder Wellbeing

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A partner in elder health.

With our partners, The Brookline Center helps seniors live fuller, more engaged lives. We provide counseling and intensive wraparound services to assist older Brookline residents challenged by Isolation, financial stress, and a variety of health and mental health conditions including wandering and hoarding.

The Brookline Center and Brookline Council on Aging work in a longterm, multi-layered collaboration. Our staff regularly share ideas and combine resources to get Brookline seniors the support they need.

Sue Welpton, Supervisor of Services at the Brookline Council on Aging, explains, “The Brookline Center’s consultation services are essential. Any of our social workers could call them up to say, “This is a bit of a puzzle. How would you deal with this?”

“The Center also has programs that we have used a lot—homelessness prevention, for example. Brookline is a high-cost community and you don’t find affordable housing very easily. The Center has housing resources and emergency funds that we can access to support seniors who may need to make a move.

“Seniors in Brookline get the expertise of two groups who have great synergy and, together, can develop plans to take the best care of people. It’s hard for me to imagine where we would have found a better partner.”