Long-Time Brookline Residents Shape Their Legacy: Nancy & Reddi

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Nancy Lincoln and Reddi Ford

Nancy Lincoln spent most of her career directing a school for teens with emotional challenges. Reddi Ford was a teacher and administrator at the same school.

Nancy explains, “When we retired a few years ago, we decided to intensify our involvement with The Brookline Center. We have supported The Brookline Center for years, and have long felt that it is an organization making a real difference in an area close to our hearts. Now we have made the Center a huge priority.

“I am honored to sit on the Center’s Board of Trustees, and Reddi serves on the Strategic Development Committee.

“We have put The Brookline Center at the top of the list for our giving. It’s an essential part of our vision for our legacy: what we intend to leave in our wills, and what we want our kids to value in terms of future giving.”

Nancy and Reddi chose to give to The Brookline Center’s Legacy Society, where donors transform the lives of adults, children and families in need for years to come. The Brookline Center is honored to partner with people and families who wish to express their commitment to the wellbeing of our community by including a gift in their estate planning.

“We’ve always been inspired by the Center,” says Nancy. “As established as it is, it’s never stagnant. The Center is always looking forward and innovating. If there’s a need to be met, the Center is at the forefront. While it’s a pretty lean organization, it has earned tremendous clout beyond its walls. By working with the schools, and by working with the Council on Aging, we know it changes lives throughout Brookline. It’s vital to us that the Center remains a central resource for this community.”