Boldly Bridging Gaps in Psychosis Support

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Massachusetts Psychosis Access and Triage Hub (M-PATH)

While Massachusetts has more early psychosis care than most states, according to The Brookline Center’s Senior Advisor for Innovation Dr. Henry White, “there is no clear way for a family or a medical provider to find the right program. 

Our Massachusetts Psychosis Access and Triage Hub (M-PATH) program aims to fill this critical gap, helping connect young people with psychosis services that best meet their needs. The program also offers families interim support, including education, care coordination, and guidance from peers and family partners. 

“M-PATH shares The Brookline Center’s dedication to expanding access,” says Director Dr. Emily Gagen. “For a multitude of reasons, youth with more complex circumstances or from disadvantaged backgrounds are less able to access this kind of treatment.” 

In addition to assisting young people and their families, M-PATH consults with medical and behavioral health providers statewide, advancing their understanding of psychosis and providing clinical tools that can be applied in generalist settings. 

“We have so many families and providers who feel lost,” says Dr. White. “Having M-PATH’s caring team available to families from the outset of their psychosis diagnosis has a powerful effect.”