Public Safety

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A safer, more responsive community.

The Brookline Center’s partnership with the Brookline Police Department helps officers better recognize and respond to mental health challenges.

The Center and the BPD work closely together as core members of the Brookline Crisis Intervention Team. We consult and collaborate with officers about cases that may have a mental health component. We are available to the BPD to help officers understand and address problems before they escalate through both on-call crisis consultations and monthly consultation meetings.

Sergeant Jennifer Paster of the Brookline Police Department explains, “Up until a few years ago, our response to assisting residents with mental health issues was a reactive one; we were putting on Band-Aids.”

“By partnering with The Brookline Center, we’ve become more proactive, building relationships with people in the community and finding solutions to head off a crisis, instead of being a last-resort emergency call. With the Center, we can make a referral on the spot. They’ve even come out and responded with our officers to assist people in a time of crisis.”

Sergeant Paster says, “Ultimately, our goal is to keep people out of the criminal justice system who don’t belong there. Without The Brookline Center in place, our options would be limited to an emergency room, making an arrest, or even walking away. The Brookline Center has been a tremendous partner for us.”