Housing Stability

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Always a phone call away.

Mental health and economic stressors are often intertwined. For 60 years, Brookline Center clinicians have worked with the Brookline Housing Authority to help low-income individuals and families overcome challenges and develop self-sufficiency. It’s a relationship that continues to evolve.

Patrick Dober, Executive Director of the Brookline Housing Authority, notes, “Sometimes people face difficulties—economic trouble, an abusive relationship, various types of mental health issues—that make it difficult to comply with the terms of their housing lease.

“It’s much more likely that difficult situations will get resolved when we have The Brookline Center to support residents who need assistance. Whether it’s with short-term urgent counseling or a longer-term program of support, our property managers know that The Brookline Center is always available to step in.”

Today, five on-site social workers provide counseling and an array of case management services for residents in all Brookline public housing developments. Our clinicians are on call 24-7 to help resolve crises, provide emergency assistance, and ensure public housing residents have the support they need to live more securely.

Says Mr. Dober, “Many, many of our residents have benefited in life-changing ways from this partnership. And our property managers are better able to focus on doing a great job maintaining public housing properties as positive places to live.”

In an array of programs for residents of Brookline and neighboring communities who are living in or close to poverty, The Brookline Center helps people avoid homelessness, make the transition into stable housing, and build the skills to sustain themselves. Taken together, the Center plays a role in helping nearly 700 families stay safely housed each year.