Help with Housing & Basic Needs

A community where the wellbeing of every resident matters.

The Brookline Center can help you through a crisis.

Is your living situation unsafe or unreliable? Are you facing eviction, or unable to pay your rent, heat, electricity, or water bills? Are you struggling to afford food and necessities? The Brookline Center can help you get through a crisis in food, housing, heat, and other basic needs.

As a community-centered organization, The Brookline Center provides priority access to those who live, work, or attend school in Brookline. The Brookline Safety Net — a program of the Brookline Community Foundation operated by The Brookline Center — offers emergency grants to help residents of Brookline pay for food, bills, rent and other basic needs.

With some services, we are able to serve residents of neighboring communities as well. We offer additional programs for residents of Brookline and neighboring communities that can help you find and maintain stable housing, connect you to local resources, and manage the stress of these challenges. It’s all part of our comprehensive approach to care.

Services for stable living