Help for Couples & Families

Healthier relationships for a healthier life.

Every relationship can face difficulties. The Brookline Center can help you handle them.

Couples struggle with intimacy and stress. Parents and children battle changing expectations. Families run into short-term strains, long-term conflicts, or even major crises. Relationship difficulties can be frustrating and distressing.

The Brookline’s Center’s caring clinicians can help you open communication, restore trust, and strengthen bonds. We work with couples and families, both together and as individuals, to help you create a positive, supportive relationship. With timely attention and tools to help you move forward, you’ll gain strength now and be better prepared for future challenges.

As a community-centered organization, The Brookline Center provides priority access to those who live, work, or attend school in Brookline. With some services, we are able to serve residents of neighboring communities as well.

Services for Couples & Families