Help for Adults & Elders

A place to turn for help, for adults of all ages.

If daily life has become painful or difficult to manage alone — whether for you, an adult child, or an aging relative — The Brookline Center is here to help.

We provide mental health care for adults of all ages. If you are facing depression, anxiety, loss, illness, or relationship or housing issues, we can help you move toward a better future. If you are a caregiver for an aging parent or an adult child with a mental health disability, and you are concerned about their difficulties with these or other aspects of daily life, we can help both of you manage better.

The caring clinicians at The Brookline Center provide comprehensive outpatient treatment for thousands of adults each year in our welcoming offices near Brookline’s Washington Square. We have been helping people successfully address mental health challenges for 60 years. Let us help you, too.

As a community-centered organization, The Brookline Center provides priority access to those who live, work, or attend school in Brookline. With some services, we are able to serve residents of neighboring communities as well.

Services for Adults & Seniors