2021 Donor List

During a year like no other, you helped us deliver a historic amount of care: 43,000 visits in all. We are enormously grateful to each of our supporters, whose generosity touched the lives of so many.

  • $100,000+

    Brookline Community Foundation
    C.F. Adams Charitable Trust
    Klarman Family Foundation
    Ruderman Family Foundation
  • $25,000–$99,999

    Sandy and David Bakalar*
    Andrew and Klee Miller*
    Oswald Family Foundation
    Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation
    Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger and Charlesview Charitable Fund at Charlesview, Inc.
    Salah Foundation
    Laura Staich and Philip Ruedi*
    United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
  • $10,000–$24,999

    Brookline Booksmith
    Commonwealth Fund
    Cosette Charitable Fund
    June and Laurent Duchesne*
    Soumen Ganguly and Sutanuka Lahiri*
    Mark Jensen*
    Georgia and Bruce Johnson*
    Kaplan Construction
    Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation
    Dana and David Lazowski*
    Nancy Lincoln and Louise “Reddi” Ford*
    Leonard and Karin Miller*
    Sergio and Suzanne Modigliani*
    Overbrook Foundation
    Prospect Fund
    Jaime and Kenneth Smoller*
    Jodi Sokoloff*
    Leah and Jonathan Stearns*
    StudioMLA Architects
    TJX Companies
  • $5,000–$9,999

    Allison and Mark Allyn*
    American Tower
    Beker Foundation
    Ellen and David Blumenthal*
    Helen Charlupski and Joseph Biederman*
    Michele Fishel and Barry Weisman*
    Tom Gallitano and Margaret Talmers*
    Sidhu and Jenn Gangadharan*
    Kathy Gardner and Richard Whitehead*
    Cindy and Roger Goldstein*
    Wendy and Peter Gordon*
    Hawk Foundation
    Marie and George Hoguet*
    Leo Wasserman Fund
    Persis Barron Levy*
    Elizabeth Liebow*
    Harvey and Pamela Lodish*
    Devon and Michael Powell*
    Meredith Saillant and Graeme Grant*
    Harriet Samuelson*
    Carol and Ted Steinman*
  • $2,500–$4,999

    Phyllis and David Adelson*
    Albright Foundation
    Rory Altman and Rebecca Mayne*
    Robin Atlas and Talia Herman*
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Brookline Bank
    Jon Cohen and Nancy Donahoe*
    Cross River Bank
    Margot and Jonathan Davis*
    Day Health Strategies
    Mady and Bruce Donoff*
    Chad Ellis and Patricia Blais*
    Jacque Francona*
    Brenda Freishtat*
    Manon Hatvany*
    Kathryn, Ed, and Helen Hintz*
    Chobee Hoy*
    Nanette and Daniel Jacobson*
    Johnston Associates
    Jane Kaplan Peck and Nate Peck*
    Cathy and Ken Kaplan*
    Kate Kelley*
    Badar Khan and Masu Haque*
    Marraffa and Associates
    Mike Mayo and Tina Feingold*
    Murphy, Edwards, Goncalves & Ferrera PC
    Kate Poverman and Raphael Bueno*
    Ian and Jennie Roffman*
    Sharon and Rony Shapiro*
    Gregory and Terry Simmons*
    Susan and James Snider*
    Diana Stelin
    Barbara Tyrrell*
    Kristine and John Van Amsterdam*
    John and Barbara VanScoyoc*
    Robin Warsh*
    Austin Wertheimer and Caryl Goodman*
    Sarah and Marc Zimman*
  • $1,000–$2,499

    Deborah Abner*
    Sally Abrahms*
    Jerry Avorn and Karen Tucker*
    Peter Banks*
    Barrington Foundation
    Charlotte Beal*
    Susan E. Bennett and Gerald B. Pier*
    Tomas and Margaret Bergstrand*
    Leonard and Jane Holmes Bernstein*
    Biogen MA Inc.
    Craig Bisson
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
    Rob Brainin and Nicola Kean*
    Deborah and David Brooks*
    Tad and Peggy Campion*
    Lynn and Larry Cetrulo*
    Gerald Cohen and Katherine Reynolds-Cohen*
    David and Cheryl Cotney*
    Kristina and David Daglio*
    André and Marilyn Danesh*
    Eran and Yukiko Egozy*
    Elizabeth Erdman*
    Susan Farrell*
    Jeff and Rene Feuerman*
    Michael and Elizabeth Fish*
    Sandy Gadsby and Nancy Brown*
    William F. Ganong, III and Marilyn Newman*
    Amanda and Campe Goodman*
    Ilene Greenberg and Michael Maynard*
    Karen Greenberg and Richard Rudman*
    Peter and Karlyn Grimes*
    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
    James Hill
    Michael Hughes and Paige Williams*
    Genae A. Johnson*
    Jerry and Holly Kampler*
    Judith Katz*
    Ian Lang and Melissa Malone*
    Syrul Lurie*
    Thomas and Amy Luster*
    Josh and Jessica Lutzker*
    Robin MacIlroy*
    Alexis Maharam*
    Flip and Toddy Mason*
    Mary McConnell*
    Mollusca Fund
    Kim Nelson*
    Newmann Darrah Family Charitable Fund
    Peter Norstrand and Katherine Tallman*
    David Oswald*
    Sarah and Marc Pasciucco*
    Faheem Rasool and Neda Shahhosseini*
    Susan and Paul Ridker*
    Sari Rotter and William Gardner*
    Suzanne Salamon*
    Sanofi Foundation for North America
    Noah Schlesinger*
    Roberta Schnoor*
    William Sellers and Marianne Lee*
    Margaret Senturia*
    Rachel and Philip Sher*
    David and Jamie Shushan*
    Amy Simon and Bernard Guekguezian*
    Elizabeth and Robert Solinga*
    Emily and Michael Speicher*
    Stein Family Fund
    Eileen Strong O’Boy*
    Beth and Larry Sulak*
    Liz Sullivan*
    Maria Tago
    Transitions Liquidation Services
    Piper Trelstad*
    Nancy Vineberg*
    Fred and Lenore Von Krusenstiern*
    Kirsten Waerstad*
    Mary Weitzel*
    Jordan and Mendie Welu*
    Henry and Barbara White*
    Sonya and Sean Wilder*
    Susan Winshall*
    Donna and Wayne Wnuck*
    Kristina Yee Vitullo and Josh Vitullo*
    Audrey and Harris Yett*
    Linda and Jerry° Zindler*
    Ellen Ziskind*
  • $500–$999

    Anonymous (5)
    Abbott Family
    Martina Albright and Jon Bernstein*
    Candy Altman and Joe Bergantino
    Susan Austrian and Bayard Clarkson
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation
    Bree Barletto
    Beth Barnes
    Clara and James Batchelor
    Kathryn Bender
    Fiona and James Benenson
    Teresa Betit and Howard Lurie
    Gerald Billow and Barbara Kellman
    Sophie Broderick
    C. Anthony Broh and Jennifer L. Hochschild
    Dorothea Buckler
    Ilene and Michael Bunis
    Catherine and Matt Burke
    Alisa Busch and Andrew Dankwerth
    Joan and Paul Casey
    Judy Cheng and Raymond Kwong
    Phil Chernin and Alicia Hsu
    Joseph Wing-ah Chow and Selina Jung Chow
    Tania and Dennis Cleary
    George and Karin Cole
    Paul Connor
    Glenn Cork
    Deborah Cotton
    Gordon and Wendy Cromwell
    Jonathan and Linda Davis
    Dell Technologies
    Harry and Sandra Dine
    Janice Dolnick and Joseph Meyer
    Melinda Donovan
    Hilary and Jake Elkins
    Alfred and Sharon Ellis
    Lawrence Epstein
    First Presbyterian Church
    Jody Forchheimer and Louis Kaplow
    Ian Forman
    Ellen and James Franco
    Christopher Garcia
    Janet Gelbart
    Liberty Mutual Foundation
    Amy and Jeffrey Glass
    Pam and Alan Goodman
    Myra and Dick Grand
    Jill and Bernard Grossberg
    Lynette and John Hansen
    Therese Hansen
    Aliki Hasiotis Broderick
    Brendan Hennessey
    Brendan Hennessey
    Ellen Hoffman
    Paul and Dalila Hyry-Dermith
    Mark and Susan Irvings
    Andy Kall and Katie Woodling
    Francie and Jon Karlen
    Ann and Howard Katz
    Elizabeth and Brendan Keegan
    Jane King
    Ronni Sachs Kotler
    Terry Kwan
    Toby Langerman
    Toni Langerman
    Celeste and David Lee
    Anne Mahon
    Amy Mayer
    Rosemary Mede and Thomas Rainey
    Evonne and Jordan Meranus
    Fred Merrill and Wendy Krum
    Judy Meyers and Mark Pasternack
    Wendy and James Mnookin
    Amy Morse
    NAMI Newton/Wellesley
    Marshall and Harriet Newman
    Joan Nissman and Morton Abromson
    David and Lisa Nurme
    Pamela Palmucci
    Charles and Evelyn Peos
    Phillips Kleinberg Family Fund
    Jane A. Piercy
    Abram and Martha Recht
    Michael and Judith Rosow
    Catherine and Phil Saines
    Carolyn and Paul Sax
    Tatiana Sell
    Lisa Serafin
    Joseph Smith and Scott Popkowski
    Kathy Spiegelman
    Mark Starr and Karen Koshner
    David and Patricia Straus
    Mark and Carol Taylor
    Anne Turner and Harry Bohrs
    Thomas and Deanne Urmy
    Robert VanScoyoc
    Mary Ellen and Fred Venditti
    Rosalen Vineberg
    Hendrikus Voskuilen
    Pei Wang
    Gillian Webster
    Donnie and Jerry Wolosenko
  • $250–$499

    Anonymous (2)
    Alchemy Foundation
    John Bassett and Christina Wolfe
    Judy Bigby
    Kim Bolling
    Wynne and Michael Brown
    Caroline Cahalane
    Melissa Caldwell
    Clear Flour Bread
    Lauren and Andrew Crowley
    Celeste Croxton
    Pauline Cummings
    Bennett Davies and Amy Sudarsky
    Dennis and Betsy DeWitt
    Susan and Joseph Ditkoff
    Melody Dorfman
    Brendan and Stacey Downey
    Roberta Falke and Andrew Levey
    Kristyn Farahmand
    Jeanette Fariborz
    Ray Feller
    Deborah Fellman
    Mark Fitzpatrick and Christine Vulopas
    Adrienne Flight
    David and Nancy Fulton
    Jennifer Gallop
    Sidney Gelb
    Connie Giesser
    Carol Gladstone and Benjamin Whipple
    Michael and Bambi Good
    Neil and Susan Gore
    Tania Gray
    Mary Howard
    Jennifer Hunt
    Christine and Robert Husson
    Frederic and Susan Jacobs
    Siedle and Carrie Jacobs
    Carol Jenkins
    Katie Johnson
    Julie Joyal and Paul Reville
    Karnovsky Family
    AJ Kassenaar and Albert Edge
    William Kates
    Catherine Kelley
    Martha Kleinman
    Ivania and Jay Konieczka
    Korean Church of Boston
    Sarah Kuhn
    Niki Lamberg
    Jesse Lazowski
    Lisa Leccacorvi
    Alan and Judith Leichtner
    Robert Lepson and Johanna Klein
    Carol Lev
    Janet Lim
    Karen and Livingston
    Lewis Lockwood
    Juan Mandelbaum and Clara Sandler
    Harry Margolis and Susan Phillips
    Jane Materazzo and Greg Kennan
    Arthur Mattuck
    Joan and John McAvoy
    Anne and Colin McNay
    Judith and Robert M. Melzer
    Carol Michael
    Renee and David Miller
    Carole Mitnick and Chris Johnson
    Ricki Morell
    Alan and Cecily Morse
    Nitish and Mneesha Nahata
    Janet Nahirny
    Amy Ruth Nevis and Matthew Kamholtz
    Jennifer Niloff
    Spencer Nineberg
    Shari Noe
    One Nation Fitness Partners
    Stuart and Roslyn Orkin
    Nora Osman
    Zander and Alison Packard
    Judy and Jim Paradis
    Parker Family
    Debra Peattie
    Clara Potash
    Alexander and Hadley Powell
    Charles and Cynthia Price Taylor
    Debra Raisner Thompson and Eli Thompson
    Michael and Susan Rees
    Danna Remen
    Joe Rigali and Tracy Winn
    Janice Rogoff
    Mathilde Ross
    Farla Russo
    Jeannine Schroder
    Ted Shea
    John Silva
    William Silva
    Ann Stambler
    Kenny Steinman and Robin Judd
    Karen Stern
    Scellig Stone
    Fred Taub and Susan Cohen
    Robert Taube and Sharon McCarrell
    David and Rhoda Trietsch
    Twin Peaks Construction LLC
    Nancy Wagman
    Susan Walling
    Karyn Wang
    Carrie Wilson
    Wendy Zazik and Mark Gale
  • $100–$249

    Anonymous (10)
    Sam Aborne
    Irving and Betty Allen
    AmazonSmile Foundation
    Jennifer Amigone
    Tom and MaryBeth Anderson
    Harrison Arnold
    Edgar D. Aronson, Jr.
    Margery Resnick
    Edward Batchelder and Susan Senator
    Samuel L. Batchelder, Jr.
    Pat Berger
    Tracy and Sean Berry
    Jenny Berz
    Petra and Adrian Bignami
    Elizabeth Bitton
    Dianne and Michael Blau
    Karen Blumenthal
    Kimberly Blumenthal
    Elizabeth Boen
    Heather Bracken
    Sara Brown
    Oliver Buckley and Lynne Layton
    Esther Bullitt and Lee Makowski
    Pauline Ho Bynum
    Erica and Michael Caplan
    Carol Caro
    Brenda and Michael Cashman
    Roger Cassin
    Xio Castro Hidalgo
    Jeanne Catanzaro and Dick Schwartz
    Deborah Chassler and David Lucal
    Janie Chickering
    Saloni Choudhry
    Sarah Christensen
    Bruce Clark
    Audrey Cohen
    Hannah Commoss
    Mary Jane Connolly
    Amy Cork
    Ardith Cork
    Timothy Cork
    Cynthia Cornelius
    Liz Craig-Olins
    Ellen Cristoferi
    Alvin and Penny Crowell
    Virginia Cummings
    Colleen Daly
    Nancy A. Daly and Kevin Cavanaugh
    Cindy and Ken Dantzig
    Erin Deemer and Mike Toffel
    Eva and Eugene Deutsch
    Kha Dickerman
    Barbara Dickey
    Chris and Marisa DiOrio
    Emily Dolbear and Paul Willen
    Susan Dolphin and Greg Collins
    Rina Dubin
    Governor Michael and Kitty Dukakis
    Elizabeth Dunn
    Dawn Edell
    John and Mary Beth Elder
    Jane Ellin and Rory dela Paz
    Jerri Emm
    Dorothea Engler
    Sandy Falk
    Elizabeth Feller
    Lindsay and Alan Fisch
    TJ Flanagan
    Donald M. Foxworthy
    Ben Franco
    Megan and Eli Freiman
    Howard Friedman and Sherry Leibowitz
    Virginia Friedman
    Donna Fromberg
    Margot and Domenic Fronsaglia
    Joanne Gaffney
    Joan Gallos
    Garden Club of Brookline
    Polly Gardner
    Clifton and Maria Georgaklis
    Chris Georges
    Joanne Gervais Ainsworth
    Yuval and Bonny Gilbert
    Barbara Glickler
    Linda Golburgh
    Shoshanna Goldberg
    Jennifer Goldsmith
    Elizabeth Goldstein
    Steven Goldstein and Hui Deng
    Daniel and Carol Goodenough
    Jonathan Grand
    Amelia Gray
    Jesse Green
    Nancy Gutmann
    Diane Gutterman
    Carolyn and Ric Hamlin
    June Harris
    Martha Hausman and Andy Vogel
    Miriam Haven
    Katherine Hellgren
    Daron Hennessey
    Edward Hennessey
    Emmett and Janet Hennessey
    Sean Hennessey
    Paul Henry and Susan Hackley
    JoAnn and Larry Hertz
    Sharon and David Hessney
    Diane Hill
    Robert Hoch and Beverly Rothfeld
    Mary Hoffee
    John Hosken
    Phil Howard
    Derek Hughes
    Mary Hundert
    Warren Hutchison
    Carol Iancu
    A. Jacob
    Michael Jacobs and Irene Sege
    Ben Janulewicz
    David Lewis Jennings
    Badele Jocelyn and Li Chen
    Evan Johnson
    Ken Juster and Anna Housley Juster
    Janice Kahn and Ira Krepchin
    Rachel Kalikow
    Bonnie Kanter
    Joel Kanter
    Beth Kantrowitz
    Maurice Karpman and Shira Horowitz
    Elizabeth Kass
    Mary Kassler
    Kathy Kaufmann
    Griffin and Portia Keady
    Pamela Kellogg
    Joanna Kennedy
    Amy Kershaw
    Jonathan Kolb
    Mini Kolluri
    Neil Kominsky and Deborah A. Frank
    Brenda and Marvin Kraus
    Sharon Krebs
    Tina Laemers
    Diane Lande
    Mary Landrigan-Ossar
    Betty and Fraser Lang
    Kevin Lang and Shulamit Kahn
    Melissa Langa and Jeff Wulfson
    Brian Leary
    James Leary
    Dorothy Lebach
    Fred Lebow and Kate Kalan
    Andrew Lees
    Kate Leness
    Kim and Gregory LeTendre
    Deborah Levey and Crispin Weinberg*
    Barbara Levine
    Ken Lewis and Laura Allen
    Sarah Lincoln
    Gwen Pritchard Lindquist and Claire Lindquist
    Shelley and Bruce Lipschultz
    Francis V. Lloyd III
    Shahin Lockman
    John and Louise Loewenstein
    Bob and Fran MacPhail
    Matt Mahoney
    Susan and John Manaras
    Missy Mandell
    Carolyn Mansfield and Fergus O’Donoghue
    Thomas Marton and Danit Ben-Ari
    Nathaniel and Ashley Mason
    Deanne Maynard
    Elizabeth McColloch
    Sharon McCombie
    Jim and Jeanne McKeown
    Frederick Meisel
    Eugenia Metsopulos-Borson
    Ann C. Miller
    Peter and Karen Miller
    Jordana Mirel
    Kate Monahan
    Skye Morrison Kramer
    Charlayne Murrell-Smith
    Nancy Myerson
    Frances Nason
    James Nemetz
    Amy and Max Newell
    Judith Nichols and Peter Barrer
    Nancy Nitikman
    Pat Nolan
    Crystal Norman
    Laura O’Brien
    Diane O’Connor
    Julian Ortiz
    Lydia Baumrind and Gerry Oster
    Jacquelyn Ozieblowski
    Ed Page and Marilyn Tressel
    Marco Daniele Paserman and Anat Shaked Paserman
    Alex Pelletier
    Rachel Perdue
    Ellen Perrin
    Sarah Peskin
    Nicholas and Karen Petrulakis
    Adele Pike
    Jason and Alexandra Pogorelec
    Colleen Powell
    Bill and Diane Prentice
    Lindsay Price
    Sarah Reilly
    Dawn Ring
    Ryan Ring
    Susan M. Roberts
    Erica Rogoff
    David Roochnik
    Lynda Roseman and Martin Fishkin
    Sally S. Roth
    Ellen Rovner
    Katie Ryan
    Maga Sanchez-Dahl
    Michael and Nancy Sandman
    K. Jackson
    Mark Santee
    Matthew and Katharine Sawatzky
    Robert Sawtelle
    Sawyer Parks Charitable Foundation
    Mary and Tony Schlaff
    Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau
    Johanna Schneider
    Samuel and Sonia Schneider
    Patricia Schram
    Lois Shaevel
    Dave and Charlea Sherman
    Joel and Ellen Shoner
    Susan and Jim Sidel
    Monica Sidor
    Jane W. Silberberg
    Andy and Lisa Silverman
    Carole Slipowitz and Daniel Halbert
    Kim Smith and Adam Kahn
    Priscilla Smith
    Diane Sokal
    Rena Sokolow
    Marlaine Souza
    Joshua Sparrow
    Stephani Spencer
    Carrie and Guy Staff
    Ann Starnbach
    Julie Starr
    Heidi Steinert
    Robert Stern and Gail Howrigan
    Jess Stetson
    Mel and Karen Stoler
    Rebecca Stone
    Barbara Strick
    Patricia Strock
    Roberta Strongin and Stephen Vogel
    Naomi Sweitzer
    Manisha Thakuria
    Carolyn Thall
    Coree Thomas
    Donna Treece
    Dawn and James Tringas
    Cornelia van der Ziel
    Jessica Vineberg
    Judi Walk
    Sarah Walker
    Kristine Waniak
    Theodor Weinberg and Eric Hyett
    Bruce Weinstock and Lisa Kempler
    Jennifer Weiss and Bruce Hamilton
    Donald Weitzman and Harriet Goldberg
    Sue Welpton
    Daniel White
    Charla Whitley
    Donna Williams
    Becky Williamson
    Kristen Wnuck
    Lisa E. Wnuck
    Lisa A. Wyman
    Tilly Young
    Stacey Zelbow and Will Provost
    Roger Zoorob
    Molly Zuker
    Kim Zukerberg
  • $1–$99

    Anonymous (30)
    Nancy Abbott
    Rod Abraham
    John Anderson and Jodie Manasevit
    Merry Arnold
    Kayla Arroyave
    Laura Baber
    Tracy Bakalar
    Deborah Barlow and David Wilcox
    Matthew and Jane Baronas
    Stacey Batista
    Ellen Berkowitz
    Roxanne Bischoff
    Carina Bittar-Doyle
    Sam Bloch
    Sushma Boppana
    Marci Borenstein
    Lauren Bozzuto
    Bridget Brennan
    Katie Brennan
    Andy and Cindy Brown
    Thomas Canny
    Kelly Cardalino
    Sara Chialtas
    Johanna Chilingirian
    John Chin
    Mary Cianni
    Marc Cooper
    Stephanie Corrado
    Suvany Cowie
    Abigail S. Cox
    Nava Cretu-Kessel
    Michelle Cully
    Lisa Cummings
    Alice Cutler
    Rebecca DaPra
    Patrick Dober and Mary Ann Hill
    Judy Dorf
    Cher Duffield
    Susan Duggan
    Melissa Dulla
    Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
    Elizabeth Factor
    Christine Farrell-Riley
    Sarah Feinbloom
    Yvonne Figueredo
    Deborah Filler
    Phyllis Fine
    Deborah Fink
    Toni Floyd
    Jamie Francona
    Amy Franzosa
    Emily Friedman
    Harry Friedman
    Scott and Amy Friedman
    Michelle Gabriel
    Donald Ganz
    Max and David Geller
    Robert M. Goisman and Jeanne M. Traxler
    Esmeralda Gomez
    Andrea Goodman
    Deborah Goodman
    Rachel Goodman
    Carolyn Gordon
    Neil Gordon
    Halesteen Graham-Days
    Peter Granoff
    Amy Graubard
    Priscilla Green
    Joseph Greener
    Rhoda Grill
    Ruth Grove
    Eli and Sheri Gurock*
    Susan Harr
    Debbie Hart-Klein
    Catherine Hartmann
    Shelley Hartz
    Sophie Hearne
    Thoihen Heisnam
    Andrew Hennessey
    Shael and Helen Herman
    Steven Hernandez
    Rhea and Al Higger
    Claire Hochleutner
    Dominic Hodgkin
    Laura Hottovy
    Holly Housman
    Kelly Hsu
    Wendy Huertas
    Sara Ichelson
    Sharon Imber
    Margaret Jeffrey
    Jacqueline Johnson
    Melanie Johnson
    Marvin Kabakoff
    Kaplan, Heather
    Mark and Erika Kaplan
    Andrea Keough
    Dustin Keppler
    Caroline King
    Kelly Knopf-Goldner
    Janet Kolodner
    Swathya Koukuntla
    Michael and Ilana Kraus
    Lauren LaFleur
    Alexandra Lazowski
    Gerry Leader
    Jody Leader
    Joy Leavitt
    John Lehman
    Susan M. Levin
    Alan and Helen Leviton
    Susan Lincoln
    Don Lipsitt
    Celine Lombardi
    Leah Lombardi
    Mayra Lorenzo
    Sarah Ludeman
    Shannon Lydon
    Frederick and Edythe Mallen
    Elizabeth Malloy
    Mastora Mansoory
    Paul and Vicky Margiott
    Elizabeth Marks and Paul Taylor
    Vanessa Martin
    Beverly McHugh
    Jennifer Merrihew
    Carmen Micsa
    Jenn and Biff Miller
    Abraham Morse
    Brian Muhlbach
    Shahzad Mumtaz
    Beth Naditch
    Judith Nast
    Paul Nemetz
    Sydney Nolan
    Chris Nottingham
    Kathleen O’Connell
    Stephanie O’Connor
    Linda and Henry Okun
    Kelly O’Neill
    Evelyn Ophir
    Zipora Ostroy
    Bulent Ozdemir
    Morgan Pagliocco
    Candace Pearson
    Adrian Pedersen
    Margaret Pennoyer
    Elvira S. Perez
    Rivka Perlmann
    Lilly Platt
    Jan Preheim
    Daniel Rabinovitz and Effie Chan
    Tracie Rafferty
    Anne S. Reed
    Jean Ricci
    Chris Riffle
    Tara Risner
    Katy Rogerson
    David Rogovin and Susan Liberman
    Sue Ross
    Jack Rossin
    Megan Ryia
    Dorothy Sang
    Margie Schaffel and Peter Belson
    Rob and Cathleen Schoen
    Jenni Seicol
    Sally and Jim Sharp
    Shashoua and Guttell Family
    Annie Short
    Sasha Shyduroff
    Lynn Shyevitch
    Ruth Silverstein
    Deborah Simonds
    Amy Slotnick
    Nora Smith
    Pipier Smith-Mumford
    Mary and Jerry Smoller
    Diana Lees Spiegel
    Jacynthia Spruill
    Marjorie Stamper-Kurn
    Gayle Stern
    Michele Stevenson
    Jacqueline Stine
    Amanda Stoll
    Toni Strassler*
    Maria Suito
    Jennifer Sun
    Shannon Tolis
    David Trimble and Jodie Kliman
    Jan and Jerry Tuckman
    Myron and Mae Tupa
    Donna and James Viola
    Catherine Walczak
    Chris Walker
    Joan Wallace-Benjamin
    Laura Walters
    Helen Wang
    Laurie Weinkauf
    Melissa Weinstein
    Lauren Weisman
    Pam Weissman
    Jennifer Wells
    Carly Werner
    Judy and Alan Wertheimer
    Terry Whelan
    Ellen Winokur
    Mark and Erica Wotzak
    Edith Wun
    Weiming Zhong
    Jay and Jenny Zipursky

° denotes deceased

* denotes Edna Stein Leadership Giving Society member

Listings reflect gifts received July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. If  we have inadvertently missed your name or if you prefer future listings to be different from what appears here, please contact Kristen Wnuck by email or call 857.707.3518