Statement on the Death of George Floyd and the Mental Health Impacts of Racial Violence

During these days of national unrest, The Brookline Center stands in solidarity with members of the Black community who continue to experience widespread injustice and racial violence across our country.

We recognize that police brutality and systemic racism are responsible for immeasurable pain and trauma for generations of Black Americans who have lived – and continue to live – with daily fear about their safety and wellbeing.

We share the grief and outrage felt by so many Americans watching these events unfold, even as the COVID-19 pandemic takes a disproportionate toll on Black lives.

The murder of George Floyd, along with the killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others, has once again exposed the violence and injustice that prevents us from creating the “more perfect union” we seek.

It is our responsibility, as stewards of the mental health of our community, to recognize the deep and far-reaching mental health impacts of racism and white supremacy and to speak out against them. It is our unique position as a community mental health center to help members of our community build the strength to confront these atrocities and the resilience to heal from their effects.

As we, our clients, and our community struggle to make sense of these events and recommit to a more just society, The Brookline Center stands by ready to help any individual or family who is in need of support.

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