Introducing the ringmasters of Believe in Brookline Kids 2019!

Stepping into the center ring: co-chairs Tom Gallitano and Georgia Johnson

Each year, Believe in Brookline Kids shines a spotlight on the outstanding, affordable mental health care The Brookline Center provides to children across our community — and the generous supporters who ensure all families can access programs and services at the Center in times of need.

Co-chairing this year’s event are longtime Brookline Center supporters Tom Gallitano and Georgia Johnson. Read on to learn why Tom and Georgia are excited to celebrate children’s mental health (and discover which co-chair’s family harbors a hidden circus skill!).

What should all attendees look forward to at this year’s gala?

Georgia Johnson (GJ): The transformation of the Cyclorama — it will be spectacular! And I hope all guests will be amazed by how much fun they have at this event.

Tom Gallitano (TG): I’m also looking forward to the new venue this year and how it speaks perfectly to this year’s theme, which I think is the best yet!

Do you have a favorite part of the night?

GJ: The cocktail hour! I love the chance to spend time with friends, especially those you haven’t seen for a while. And the auctions are always exciting…

TG: I’ve always been very moved by our young clients sharing their stories and hearing about the transformations that take place with the support of The Brookline Center.

Why are you a supporter of children’s mental health?

GJ: Children’s mental health is so often overlooked. It can be impossible to find good mental health services for children, and it just should not be this way.

TG: Children’s mental health is important to me because when issues are addressed at an early age, it has a lifelong impact. What better way to help improve community mental health than by addressing the needs of the youngest among us?

And just for fun, if you ran away to join the circus, what talent would you steal the show with?

GJ: I’m not sure I would steal the show, but my sister was a fabulous unicyclist!

TG: Well, I’m very good with animals…


Believe in Brookline Kids 2019 takes place May 4 from 7 PM to midnight at the Cyclorama in Boston’s South End. Reserve your sponsorship or tickets now for front-row seats to all the circus fun.

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