Believe in Brookline Kids 2022: 10th Anniversary Celebration

Over the last decade, Believe in Brookline Kids has raised $3 million to support childrenʼs mental health.

10 years of believing in the children in Brookline (and beyond!) 

10 years of ensuring that every family has access to care in times of need 

10 years of expanding Brookline Center programs that support children’s mental health 

The Brookline Center invested this funding in our community, expanding access to care for thousands of children and families, and developing ground-breaking programs that have saved and transformed the lives of kids and teens across Massachusetts and beyond.

Join us in celebrating our collective impact and recognizing all who made it possible by being a part of our Believe in Brookline Kids 10th Anniversary Campaign and Celebration. 


Thank you to all of our supporters and community members who joined us for the Believe in Brookline Kids 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Special thank you to our corporate sponsors: