Believe in Brookline Kids 2020: Everything but the Gala Edition

Out of an abundance of hope, we will make a difference

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all wrestling with loss, trauma, and disruption — but we can also make a difference now.

With hope, Believe in Brookline Kids will remain the same at heart.

By taking part in Believe in Brookline Kids (gala or no gala — an “ungala” year, if you will!), you’re expanding access to unparalleled care and innovative programs that bring hope and healing to children in our community and across Massachusetts.

Now more than ever, we need your help to ensure that every child and family can access mental health services — today, and in the days ahead.

WITH HOPE, We can support kids and families through this crisis.

What’s happening in our world only magnifies the impacts of poor mental health — so early intervention and treatment are more important than ever.

Helping kids and families through crises is at the heart of our mission to expand access to care: it’s what we’ve always done and what we are doing every day through this crisis.

WITH HOPE, We will protect those who need it most.

Support systems are critical in times of crisis and uncertainty. But for many families in our care, The Brookline Center is the sole source of support with a direct impact on mental wellbeing — including helping children and families access safe housing and meet other basic needs.

WITH HOPE, We have the power to create change.

One day, schools and playgrounds will re-open, kids will return to their classrooms, enjoy hanging out with friends, and return to regular activities. But to navigate uncertainty now and manage what will be new experiences throughout this transition, many children and their families do and will need your support.

We have hope — and know — that one day, we will be able to gather again and celebrate all you make possible.

But we also need your hope for a better future now, as we come together as a community to support kids and families. It’s a heroic effort, but we’re up for the task — and know you are, too!