Why a night at the circus is the perfect place to celebrate mental health

There’s more than meets the eye with this year’s Believe in Brookline Kids theme

“The Greatest Gala on Earth” isn’t just a circus-inspired setting designed to dazzle and delight our Believe in Brookline Kids guests. Here are just three ways a night under the big top has more in common with good mental health care than you might think.

Everyone is included

The “come one, come all” cry shouted by ringmasters sticks for good reason: the circus is delightful because it’s designed for everyone to enjoy. Action, comedy, thrills — performers offer it all.

At The Brookline Center, we follow the same “come one, come all” approach to providing community-based mental health care. Every child, teen, and family can find support here no matter their specific mental health needs or their ability to afford treatment; with the help of our Believe in Brookline Kids gala guests, for families in our community cost is never a barrier to accessing proper care for their kids.

Flexibility is a plus

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease takes time, hard work, and a lot of stretching. And when things don’t go as planned, being nimble keeps performers safe and ensures the show doesn’t miss a beat.

The same is true for mental health care, especially for young children and teens. The right care sometimes requires multiple approaches and needs can change over time. At The Brookline Center, our team of over 100 clinicians work with kids at school, at home, and at our offices in Washington Square and Brookline Village — providing access to multiple treatment options as long as needed.

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible

The circus challenges what’s possible, with performances that push entertainment to astounding new heights. Timely mental health care for kids has the same transformative effect. Through Brookline Center programs and services, children:

We might not have a big, striped ten hanging over the Center, but the similarities are clear: when mental health care is inclusive, flexible, and awe-inspiring, it’s clearly a cause for celebration!


You can help make outstanding, affordable mental health care possible! Join us at Believe in Brookline Kids on May 4 to ensure every child and family can access mental health care in times of need and help all Brookline Kids group up healthy, resilient, and safe. 

Reserve your sponsorship or tickets now for front-row seats to all the circus fun.

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