Welcome Sponsors 

Thank you for being such an important part of the 2022 Women at the Center Kickoff! In this sponsor “toolkit” you’ll find a number of quick and easy ways to help you invite your guests, build excitement, and have a great night.  

Invite your guests 

Your sponsorship includes 20 virtual tickets. To help you fill your guest list, we’ve mocked up an email you can send to friends near and far. Make it your own by adding personal touches.

Subject line: Join me for a night of inspiration 

Dear Guest,  

I would be thrilled if you would join me as my guest for the Brookline Center for Community Mental Health’s Women at the Center Kickoff on March 9, 2022 at 7 pm.  

This can’t-miss virtual event is a celebration of our community’s commitment to women and girls’ mental health. This year’s Kickoff will feature Emmy-award winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Suleika Jaouad. Jaouad’s memoir, Between Two Kingdoms, is a profound chronicle of survivorship and a moving exploration of what it means to begin again. Jaouad will serve as an inspiring guide for enduring life’s challenges and interruptions (including the one we’re living through right now!). 

By joining me as my guest you’ll be supporting the Brookline Center for Community Mental Health. The Brookline Center provides outstanding, affordable mental health care and community-based social services that strengthen the wellbeing of women and girls in our community.  

Click here to learn more about the event and the Center 

I hope I can count you in! To attend, simply respond to this email and I’ll add you to my guest list. I can’t wait to share this evening with you.  


Once your guests confirm their participation, please send their contact information to kristenwnuck@brooklinecenter.org so that they receive the email from us with instructions for attending the virtual event.

Build excitement 

We’ve compiled a list of fun and unique ideas to engage your guests prior to the event. You can use one or more of these options, or none at all – the choice is yours! 

Join the Between Two Kingdoms Book Club (One Night Only!) 

In advance of the event, Brookline Center staff will be hosting a book club evening to discuss Suleika’s New York Times bestselling memoir, Between Two Kingdoms. The book club will meet on Wednesday, March 2 at 7:00 pm via Zoom. Attendees will be part of a guided conversation surrounding the main themes of the book.   

To join, email us at kristenwnuck@brooklinecenter.org. Sponsors, sponsor guests and ticket holders are all welcome to participate. 

Host a viewing party 

Whether virtually or in person, bringing your guests together before the program starts is a great way to build community and celebrate your shared commitment to the cause of women and girls’ mental health! Host a Zoom party, or have a few friends over to share the fun.  

Guest care packages 

Show your appreciation for your guests by sending them a care package of goodies to enjoy during the event! Packages can include wine, cookies, chocolate, cheese, anything you know your guests will enjoy during the program and make your night special. 

Start a guest group chat 

Create a text chain with all your guests that will allow you all to communicate before and during the event. Your group can share relevant articles, event reminders, and share thoughts during the program. 

We hope this toolkit helps you make positive connections with your guests pre- and post-event! Please reach out to our team at kristenwnuck@brooklinecenter.org for any additional info or support.