Believe in Brookline Kids UnGala 2021

Kids have been through a lot this year — but with the right support they can heal.


In the last year, kids’ schooling has been disrupted, they have been distanced from their friends, and they have missed out on key milestones of youth. Many kids have experienced chronic stress or trauma as a result of the economic impacts of the pandemic or from the civil and political unrest of this past year. 

Throughout this time, The Brookline Center has stayed connected, reaching kids and families via telehealth and ensuring that care continued during the pandemic.  

But kids are still in crisis. Preteens and teens are more likely than any other age demographic to report severe anxiety or depression and, in the last year, over 50% have experienced self-harm or suicidal ideation. This figure is even higher for LGBTQ kids and BIPOC kids.   

With your help right now, the Center can keep connecting, addressing the rising and acute need for youth mental health care in the wake of this pandemic.  

Together, we can ensure that kids have the support and care needed to recover and to heal.

We invite you to be a part of the Believe in Brookline Kids UnGala 2021, helping us build a bridge to a brighter tomorrow — for all kids.

By acting now, we can ensure that kids have the resources they need for healing in the days, months, and years ahead. We must reimagine what healing looks like, not as catching kids up to a “lost year,” but as ensuring they have the support they need to heal from this trauma and rebuild from here. 

All kids’ mental health has been impacted by this crisis, but with the right kind of support, they will be able to heal.  

Your UnGala gift will help kids and families access care, regardless of income or insurance, expand our BRYT program to reach even more students and educators, and ensure that we can build the capacity necessary to meet the rising need for care. 

And when we reach the other side, we’ll get there together. 

We can see this crisis through, helping children and families reach a place of renewed mental health and stability.   

Please join us.