Resources For Providers

Psychosis is highly stigmatized and frequently misunderstood. Our team is dedicated to challenging stigma and supporting providers with the most up to date research and information on best practices when assessing, diagnosing, and treating early psychosis.

Recent public health estimates indicate that around 1,100 individuals in Massachusetts3 are diagnosed with a new psychotic spectrum disorder annually. Most of these individuals have previously received another mental health diagnosis, contacted the mental health care system, and may already have a provider. 

Given this data, we aim to offer consultation and support to providers who are seeing clients that may be experiencing early psychosis.

If you are looking for more educational resources or clinical resources for working with clients with early psychosis, our collaborators at MAPNET have compiled an extensive list of these types of materials.

For additional resources for providers, please reference our resource list below:

Instructions and toolkits for screening for psychosis

Massachusetts early psychosis programs

National early psychosis efforts