Henry White

Henry White, M.D.

Founder & Lead Consultant — M-PATH

Dr. Henry White is an award-winning clinical psychiatrist, who has led the Brookline Center’s clinical services as the Clinical Director since 1984. He has founded many programs within the Center, including the BRYT program and Healthy Lives Program. As the Clinical Director of the BRYT program at the Brookline Center, he helped found the first BRYT program at Brookline High School, led the process of program replication and professional learning system development through 2015, and served as lead author for BRYT’s evaluation study (published in 2017 in the peer-reviewed journal Psychology in the Schools). In addition to BRYT, he was involved in the development of the Healthy Lives Program Model, which is directed as improving care for patients with complex co-morbidities with high levels of avoidable hospitalizations, through home and community-based strategies.