How We Can Help

M-PATH provides consultation, support, information, and referrals to young adults, families, and providers who are concerned about early psychosis.

Why call M-PATH?

  • Psychosis is complicated. People can experience psychosis in many different ways and have different needs. Through talking with us, we can help to identify what needs you may have to help direct next steps in care.
  • Finding care can be challenging. We have built relationships with many of the specialized programs in Massachusetts and have significant experience working with youth and families experiencing early psychosis. We can help support you to find the right care as efficiently as possible.
  • Early intervention supports better outcomes. Research has shown that the sooner individuals begin receiving specialized treatment for early psychosis, the better their outcomes are relating to quality of life, symptom improvement, and social, school, and work functioning.

What happens when I call M-PATH? 

When you contact us, we will first ask questions to learn more about your concerns. Then we will help you to decide what the best next step is. This could include helping you find a mental health provider or a specialized clinic, identifying other types of help like support groups, or talking with your current therapist or psychiatrist to see if we can provide them with additional support. If you are a provider, we will ask you more questions about your client, so we can provide the best consultation on next steps in care. We will make sure that we stay in touch with you throughout the process, so you know that you’re not alone.