Family Support

M-PATH offers support and expert guidance to family and friends of youth and young adults who may be experiencing psychosis. We understand the complexities of navigating mental health care systems and the emotional journey that comes with supporting a loved one. Our clinicians, coordinator, family partner, and young adult peer mentor can help you figure out the next steps in your loved one’s mental health journey.   

  • Empathetic listening and support: We can connect you with our Family Partner who can provide a listening ear, share experiences, and offer emotional support; helping you to feel understood and less alone in your journey.Find out more about how our family partner can help you here
  • Guidance on navigating mental health systems: Our team can assist you in understanding diagnoses, treatment options, and how to access the services your loved one needs including therapy, medication, and help getting back to work or school.  
  • Connection to community resources: We can connect you with a wide range of resources, from local support groups and services to educational materials that can empower you in supporting your loved one.  
  • Advocacy and empowerment: We aim to empower families with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for their loved one’s care, ensuring they receive the best possible support and treatment.  

Our goal at M-PATH is to ensure that every family feels supported, informed, and capable of navigating their loved one’s mental health journey with confidence.  

M-PATH is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and other private foundations; this means that there is no cost to you.