Professional Consultation

M-PATH provides consultation to professionals working with youth and young adults who they suspect may be experiencing symptoms of psychosis. This includes, but is not limited to, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, pediatricians, primary care physicians, school staff, and community health workers.  

Some examples of how we can help:  

  • Providing diagnostic consultation and education regarding risk for psychosis and early psychosis. 
  • Providing ongoing consultation for long-term work with youth and families with early psychosis. 
  • Facilitation of referral to specialized psychosis treatment. 

Our program is happy to support providers who:

  • Have questions about psychosis.
  • Are unsure if a client they are working with has psychosis.
  • Are working with a client with psychosis and would like to consult about care.
  • Are seeking to refer a client they are working with to a specialized early psychosis program in Massachusetts.

M-PATH is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and other private foundations; this means that there is no cost to you.