Sarah Dreyfus

Sarah Dreyfus (she/her)

Young Adult Peer Mentor – M-PATH

Sarah Dreyfus (she/her) is a Young Adult Peer Mentor with the M-PATH team. Sarah’s work with M-PATH is mainly rooted in psychosis spectrum contexts, though her experiences and journey spread far beyond. Sarah shares her lived experiences with M-PATH clients to support them along their journey. Sarah’s past beliefs surrounding independence and power made her reluctant to ask for help. This led her to a core belief she was not deserving of support at all. When participating in WellSpace (through McLean) in 2020, Sarah gained her voice back and established a new sense of humility, vulnerability and consciousness. Through support at Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC), Sarah felt liberty for the first time to identify her pain in her own words, and find new words for old pain. This process of reframing, revisiting and re-writing her story through her recovery journey is empowering. She hopes she might be a beacon of that path for others. Sarah remains curious and seeks out growth in her life. She often does this through songwriting and meditation, dance/movement, and conversations with peers, friends, family and professionals. She is always happy to share her own experiences, and can provide advocacy in environments like: academics, mental health, recovery, varying personal identities, and family involvement in treatment. 

She has recently begun working as a coach at the CEDAR Clinic as well, and can guide folks through varying barriers within school, vocational, or any life transition that needs attention. Sarah is inspired by survivors, writers activists and thinkers like: Lama Rod Owens, Tarana Burke, Tracie Palmer, Ralph Waldo Ellison, and Audre Lorde. Sarah has three years to a BA from Goucher College as a Creative Writing Major with a concentration in Poetry, and went on the Kratz Writing Fellowship to University Glasgow in 2019. She currently focuses on songwriting and performs around Boston.  

Sarah holds strength in being able to acknowledge, understand, and relay her experiences to herself, others, and finds these connections as stepping stones to her own liberation. With peer work and wrap-around care geared toward individualized needs, there is space for you to seek, see, resonate and create your own sense of your freedom- what it means in your life and how it might manifest in your communities.