Rebecca Wlcek

Rebecca Wlcek, B.A. 

Project Coordinator — M-PATH 

Rebecca Wlcek is the Project Coordinator at M-PATH. She works directly with clients, families, and providers to better understand their needs to facilitate connecting them to care. Rebecca received her B.A. in Psychological and Brain Sciences from UMass Amherst with minors in Sociology and Education. She received a specialization in Human Services and through internship earned certificates in social justice and civic engagement. Her undergraduate research focused primarily on social systems and education. During a practicum working with children experiencing mental health issues, Rebecca found a passion for working with individuals and families.  

After graduating, Rebecca managed a residential program for young adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. She then went on to direct and develop therapeutic programming for individuals with traumatic brain injury. Her professional experiences have fueled her passion to help folks access and navigate the mental health system and ensure equitable, comprehensive care.