Tanya Trevett

Tanya Trevett, M.Ed.

Family Partner M-PATH

Tanya Trevett serves as the Family Partner at M-PATH. At the core of Tanya’s work is a deep connection to the families she assists. This bond is rooted in her personal experience as a mother of a child facing mental health challenges, providing her with distinctive insights and empathy. 

Beyond her lived experience, Tanya has a background in special education, having collaborated with a diverse range of students, each presenting their own unique challenges. With a B.S. in Biology from Boston University and an M.Ed. in Special Education from Lesley University, her academic foundation further enhances her role at M-PATH. She is able to offer both understanding and guidance to families as they navigate the intricate landscape of mental health. She is also passionate about community education; she is an active volunteer with several organizations including NAMI and has made a significant impact on numerous families through her dedicated outreach efforts. She works to make sure that every family feels acknowledged, empowered, and supported on their journey through mental health challenges.