Gala Details

The Believe in Brookline Kids Gala returns in Spring 2018!

Our fun and festive Believe in Brookline Kids event inspires hundreds to play a role in broadening access to mental health care for kids and families. The first Believe in Brookline Kids celebration took place at Fenway Park. It was such a home run that we created a double-header the next year: a family party throughout Fenway Park during the day and an adult cocktail party that evening.

In 2013, Believe in Brookline Kids moved to a new venue, the Museum of Fine Arts, to celebrate “The Art of Wellbeing.” This MFA location has now offered event guests three more years of festivities, each unique: An elegant evening in 2014. A night of “Superheroes,” complete with caped crusaders, in 2015. And an invitation to help kids’ reliance “Take Root” in a magical garden in 2016.

To get involved in the planning for our 2018 event, please email Maggie Ginn or call (617) 277-8107.