Observation Groups

Build your group therapy skills.

Group therapy requires specific expertise and on-the-spot decision making.

The Brookline Center invites Boston-area clinicians to observe and learn from our most seasoned group therapists in this enriching professional development series.

The Center hosts two Observation Groups each year. Led by senior clinicians—recognized experts in the field—this program takes place in tandem with the Center’s long-term, on-going therapy groups that serve adults facing a range of clinical issues. For clinicians seeking to become more skilled in group therapy, the Observation Groups offer the opportunity to witness, discuss, and better understand how to lead process-oriented groups.

Registration required

Boston-area clinicians may apply to participate, with approval by program leadership. Apply online or call Jeff Brand, PsyD, adult groups co-coordinator, at (617) 277-8107.


How it works

Each session runs for an hour and 45 minutes weekly. Observers sit silently to the side during the 75-minute group sessions. After the clients leave, the observers and group leaders discuss the choices and interventions the leaders made, as well as the reactions these choices generated.

Observer commitments

For the comfort and confidentiality of clients in the group, observers must commit to a multi-week period of observation. Participants may commit to a 10-week series during the summer or a 20-week series during the academic year. The Center offers Observation Groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays; clinicians commit to attending on the same day for the full series to provide stability and continuity to the experience. Please know that we do not offer any options for single-session observations.

Choice of sessions

Summer sessions begin in the first week of July. Academic year-sessions start in the first week after Labor Day. If you are signing up for a 20-week session, you may request on your application to begin on those dates or any subsequent week.

Group 2: Tuesdays, 10:15am-12pm
Leaders: Arnie Cohen, PhD, and Julie Anderson, PhD

Group 1: Thursdays, 10-11:45am
Leaders: Annie Weiss, LICSW, and Tracy MacNab, PhD

10-week Summer Series begins in the first week of July
20-week Academic Year Series begins in the first week after Labor Day, or on any subsequent week


The fee is $200 for the 10-week summer series, and $400 for the 20-week academic year series, payable in full at or before the first session.