Project GROW for Adolescent Girls

Cultivating strong, resilient adolescent girls.

Early adolescence can be tough. Project GROW — Girls’ Relationships Offer Wellbeing — helps Brookline girls flourish.

Project GROW focuses on the particular challenges girls face during the middle school years, such as navigating shifting friendships and creating a positive self image in the face of social pressures. This Brookline Center group mentoring program cultivates important coping skills while giving girls a space to find and express their own voices.

Facilitated by female Brookline Center clinicians, Project GROW includes activities designed to elicit discussion that recognizes the unique strengths of girls while also providing strategies for coping with difficulties such as inclusion/exclusion among friends, pressures about body image, and social choices. Weekly sessions and a fun atmosphere create a trusted peer group where girls can enrich their own sense of self, build positive relationships and leadership skills, and gain lasting resilience.

Where to find Project GROW

The program currently operates in several Brookline elementary schools. To inquire about bringing Project GROW to your school, please call program director Mariko Sakurai, PhD at (617) 277-8107.