Publications and Partners

Strengthening the BRYT network through research and relationship building

As the BRYT network expands throughout Massachusetts, schools and other partners have new opportunities to evaluate, test, and collect data to better meet all students’ needs.

BRYT Notes: Examining BRYT’s impact on schoolwide mental health

We’re looking beyond students participating directly in a program to examine how BRYT impacts a school’s culture around mental health, and how schools can better foster inclusivity for students facing mental health challenges.

Download a copy of the 2018 BRYT Notes report detailing our full findings.

This project is supported by the Ruderman Family Foundation.

Other research

A three-year study involving several hundred students from eight BRYT-model programs articulated strong, positive student outcomes across numerous indicators, including attendance, student functioning, and academic progress.

Read the full study results in the September 2017 edition of Psychology in the Schools.