Partners & Working Groups

People and organizations collaborating to enhance the lives of Brookline’s women and girls

Thriving uses a “Collective Impact” framework to create a collaborative initiative that engages low-income women and girls, along with interested individuals and Brookline agencies, organizations, and businesses. Together, this inclusive group builds resiliency, nurtures leadership, and creates opportunities for shared learning and community. A program of The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health, Thriving strengthens the fabric of the whole community by collaborating for action in support of women and girls with limited income.

Thriving increases its collective impact when people throughout the community take part and take on leadership roles. Women and girls with low incomes are invited to sign up for free workshop series and other activities or to join or lead a Working Group. The whole community of Brookline is invited to volunteer, offer ideas, and help plan activities as a member of one of Thriving’s five Working Groups, or donate to sustain this effort. The Brookline Center is deeply grateful to Thriving’s many partners and funders for their many contributions.

  • Staff

    Ann Brackett and Andrea Johnson, The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health, Thriving Co-Founders
    Misti Jaynes, Community Liaison
    Megan Smith, Special Assistant in Evaluation
    Judith Stroum, Evaluation and Communications Assistant
    Paula Torres, Spanish-Speaking Outreach Coordinator

    Thriving‘s six-person staff facilitates its programs and activities. Because building leadership pathways is a core element of Thriving‘s work, three of these staff people are Brookline women who live with financial challenges themselves and have first-hand insight into what others in their situation may need or want. Thriving is grateful to the funders whose support underwrites these jobs and related training.

  • Leadership Team

    Doreen Gallagher, Brookline Police Department and Brookline Department of Public Health
    Jess Halverson, Highrock Church
    Caitlin Haynes, Brookline Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations
    Shoma Haque, Steps to Success
    Susan Howards, Brookline Attorney
    Chobee Hoy, Chobee Hoy Associates and Brookline Center Board Member
    Misti Jaynes, Steps to Success Parent Council and Board of Directors
    Erin Kinney, Brookline Interactive Group
    Jennifer Lemire, Brookline Community Foundation
    Roisin O’Regan, Surviving and Thriving
    Leigh Jackson, Brookline Recreation Department
    Anne Reed, Brookline Public Library
    Lauren Riviello, Brookline Arts Center
    Megan Smith, The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health and Brookline Housing Authority
    Judith Stroum, The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health
    Paula Torres, The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health
    Grace Watson, Next Steps
    Julie Youdovin, Jewish Child and Family Services

  •  Working Groups

    Our five Working Groups focus on identified challenges faced by women and girls with low incomes in Brookline. Some of these financially-challenged women co-lead the groups, each of which includes a mix of local organizations, businesses, and agencies, interested citizens, and women facing financial difficulties. Each group works together to deepen needs and assets assessment as appropriate, develop plans for expansion or improvement of existing services and opportunities, and develop innovative, cross-sector prototype resources, services, and activities. The Working Groups are:

    • Access and Information Sharing, which maintains and promotes The Brookline Thrive Guide, leads occasional Lunch and Learn Sessions for town employees and residents, and, based on recent technology needs assessment work, is currently planning technology training programs in public housing facilities.
    • Education, Training, and Employment, which supports the ongoing work of the “Women Moving Forward” video project, including local screenings of this video made by women for women. Plans have begun for creation of a multi-faceted Women’s Employment Network.
    • Expressive and Healing Arts, which supports the “Women Healing and Thriving Community Arts Series” as well as pop-up arts activities in public housing.
    • Healthy Food and Lifestyle, which supports the “Thriving Together Garden” Project, Listening and Learning dinners, “Eat to Feel Great!” workshop series, yoga classes, and fitness classes in public housing.
    • Safety and Healthy Relationships, which developed and distributes our Brookline safety resource materials and supports the “Empowered Girl Leaders Building Healthy Relationships” series for teen girls in public housing.
  • Partners and Funders

    Thriving is a program of The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health, with generous funding from Brookline Community Foundation.

    Partners and additional funders in this collaborative, inclusive effort include:

    • Artbarn Community Theater
    • Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence
    • Boston College
    • Boston University Rotaract Club
    • Brookline Arts Center
    • Brookline Commission for the Arts
    • Brookline Commission for Women
    • Brookline Council on Aging
    • Brookline Housing Authority
    • Brookline Interactive Group
    • Brookline Music School
    • Brookline Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations
    • Brookline Parent Child Home Program
    • Brookline Police Department
    • Brookline Public Health Department
    • Brookline Public Library
    • Brookline Public Schools
    • Brookline Recreation Department
    • Brookline Rotary Club
    • Brookline Teen Center
    • Chobee Hoy Associates
    • City on a Hill Church
    • Coolidge Corner Theater
    • Coolidge Corner Yoga
    • Edward Jones—Office of Chiquita Rice
    • First Presbyterian Church of Brookline
    • Highrock Church
    • Hops N Scotch Restaurant
    • Jennifer A. Lynch Committee Against
    • Domestic Violence
    • HC Studio
    • Jewish Family and Children’s Service
    • Korean Church of Boston
    • Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund
    • MOVE! Running Group
    • Natick Center Graphics
    • Next Steps Program
    • Norfolk County District Attorney Office
    • Olive Connection
    • Pine Manor College
    • Savory Living
    • Steps to Success
    • The Word Doc
    • Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation
    • Women’s Lunch Group
    • And many individual Brookline citizens