Independent Living Case Management

Home-based, coordinated help with daily life.

The Brookline Center’s Community Assistance Network (CAN) helps adults experiencing serious mental health disorders to live stably and safely.

People with serious mental illness face challenges in establishing and maintaining healthy, balanced and meaningful lives. Because their illness impacts so many aspects of their daily experience, those living in their own homes often need a broad network of support.

The Brookline Center’s Community Assistance Network (CAN) helps Brookline residents build their capacity to manage their medical care, finances, housing, health insurance, employment, hygiene and other life skills. The Brookline Center’s CAN case managers are experts in practical planning, care coordination, and encouragement.

CAN clients build stability and skills so that they can better manage challenges such as making, keeping and following up on medical, dental or psychiatric appointments, navigating access to subsidized housing, food stamps and health insurance; shopping for food, paying bills, seeking a job or training, self-care, and maintaining relationships. The Brookline Center has found that this comprehensive and coordinated assistance can reduce social isolation, increase functioning, improve physical and mental health, and decrease the likelihood of hospitalization, financial instability, homelessness, and other life crises.

How It Works

The Community Assistance Network program provides community and home-based case management services designed specifically for adults experiencing serious mental health disorders. CAN clinicians and case managers work with clients according to their individual needs, to help them set specific, concrete goals and then work toward achieving these goals. They may meet in person with the client at the Center, at the client’s home, or on location at community agencies or services. They will also stay in touch by phone with the client and/or the client’s family or guardian, reach out on behalf of the client to help access community services, and coordinate care with the psychiatrists, clinicians, and primary care physicians of the client’s treatment team.

CAN case management integrates the full range of a person’s healthcare, educational, vocational, recreational, and other supports through its community-wide partnerships. CAN works closely with the Brookline Housing Authority, Brookline Council on Aging, and the Brookline Department of Public Health. To serve young adults transitioning to independence, CAN also partners with Brookline High School.