Innovations in Mental Health

New models of care. And training for the next generation.

Boston is a hub for healthcare innovation and training, as is The Brookline Center.

The Brookline Center contributes twofold to the future, by piloting and sharing promising strategies for care, and by helping train the clinicians who will lead the way. From its beginning, The Brookline Center has worked at the forefront of mental health care practice, and we continue to do so today.

Innovative programs and models

When traditional programs prove insufficient or are not available to meet the evolving mental health needs of our community, The Brookline Center creates innovative programming to do so. We are committed to partnering with local agencies and sharing our experience and expertise so that, together, we can help even more people in need. These programs generate acclaim–and interest from colleagues.

Among such programs is BRYT, our “bridge” program helping high school students return to school following a mental health or medical crisis. As far as we know, this is the first such program in the nation–and we have helped many communities across Massachusetts replicate it in their own school systems. Another is Healthy Lives, a ground-breaking program integrating medical and mental health care for adults with complex conditions, improves outcomes while reducing the cost of care. Yet another is Project GROW, a group therapy and mentoring program that helps build strong identities and positive social relationships for adolescent girls, is changing the outlook for these girls, their families, and their schools. The Brookline Center also hosts M-PATH, a novel referral and triage hub that supports clients, families, and providers along their journey to access early psychosis services in Massachusetts through expert consultation, referral assistance, and peer support.

A culture of continuous learning

The Brookline Center is one of the area’s most well-regarded mental health care training programs, benefiting our clients, our community, and the field of mental health care. We offer clinical internships for graduate students in social work and psychology, as well as advanced training for clinicians at the post-doctorate and post-master’s level. Our training is culturally responsive to the needs of the diverse populations we serve and deeply connected to community systems, preparing emerging professionals to carry forward this approach wherever they later work nationwide. For our staff of nearly 100 clinicians and the Boston area’s community of mental health professionals, we provide continuing learning, observation groups, and community lectures. By investing in both teaching and learning, in rigor and in caring, The Brookline Center ensures that people can live healthier, safer, fuller lives today–and in the years to come.


Counting on care


Now replicated in 137 K-12 schools, BRYT is available to more than 140,000 students.


Healthy Lives patients experienced a 35% drop in emergency room visits and a 19% reduction in hospitalizations.


Each year we train approximately 25 emerging professionals–interns and clinical fellows—in our excellent, extensive outpatient mental health training program.