Client and Family Support

M-PATH provides consultation to individuals and families concerned about early psychosis. This means that we are able to talk with you about symptoms you or a friend or family member may be experiencing, a recent diagnosis that you may have received, or any other questions you might have related to psychosis. We can help you to figure out your next steps in your or your loved one’s mental health journey. 

Some examples of ways we can help:  

  • Working with your current mental health provider(s) so that they can feel equipped to fully support you with the symptoms you’re experiencing  
  • Helping you get connected to care at a specialty early psychosis clinic 
  • Providing you with information and education about psychosis 
  • Connecting you to other community resources that you might find helpful (e.g., support groups) 

M-PATH is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and other private foundations; this means that there is no cost to you.