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Intern Training Program

Training professionals in community mental health practice is an important part of the Brookline Community Mental Health Center's mission. We believe the best way to develop clinical skills is through a rich and challenging clinical experience in the context of strong supervision from our multi-disciplinary staff. The Center is dedicated to training that is multiculturally aware and sensitive to the needs of our diverse clientele.

The Internship Program provides clinical placements for graduate students in social work, psychology and counseling. All placements run for two semesters; there are no one-semester internships. The Clinical Associate Program offers advanced training for clinicians at the post-doctorate and post-master's level.

Following is a description of specific internship opportunities at Brookline Community Mental Health Center. Please note that there are different deadlines and contact information specific to each program. Please apply according to the instructions provided.  All deadlines are final. All internships run from September through May or June; there are no summer or single-semester internships available.

General questions

For general questions about the Intern Training Program at the Brookline Community Mental Health Center, please contact:

  • Katie Triest, LICSW - Training Coordinator
    (617) 277-8107

Please note all internship positions are currently filled for the 2014-2015 academic year. We will update this page as more internship opprotunities become available.

Clinical Psychology Pre-doctoral Internship

25 hour per week placement at Brookline Community Mental Health Center. Interns focus on a specialty of either adult or child work (applicants interested in family/systems work as a primary focus should apply to the family program). Interns provide 12 direct service hours per week. Interns receive 2-3 hours of supervision depending on size of caseload and subspecialties they add to their core program. Interns also participate in several mandatory and optional seminars including: Psychological Testing (mandatory),  Neuropsychological Assessment (optional), General Topics in Psychotherapy (mandatory), Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (optional), Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Seminar (optional), Diversity Committee (optional), and Child and Adult Symposia (one or the other of these group supervisions is mandatory).  Prepared interns will have an opportunity to conduct psychological testing batteries.  All interns are expected to lead or co-lead one group. Interns will also have an opportunity to present a case in a more formal case consultation format with a discussant. 

Interns are expected to be at the Center for a variety of collaborative clinical meetings and training activities Wednesdays and Fridays from about 800 am until 200 pm. Most clinical hours will be conducted outside of this time frame and all interns are required to provide one evening of service until roughly 800 pm.

Candidates for the internship will have completed at least one previous practicum and will be in their third or fourth year of their doctoral program (or be at least a second year doctoral student with a Master’s in an allied field).

The deadline for applications is January 2rd, 2015. Please submit a letter of introduction, resume, three letters of reference and a clinical writing sample. Applicants must indicate on their cover letter whether they plan to focus on child or adult work.  Applications that do not make this designation will not be considered. Applicants must send in both electronic and hard copy forms to Larry Abrams, Ph. D. at labrms@comcast.net and c/o Brookline Community Mental Health, 41 Garrison Road, Brookline, MA 02445.


If you have questions about this program, please call Larry Abrams at 617-277-8107. 

Social Work Internship 

24 hour per week placement at Brookline Community Mental Health Center providing psychotherapy to adults, children or both. Work may be done individually, in groups, on-site and in clients' schools and homes. Interns provide 12 direct service hours per week. Interns will also participate in training seminars, a speaker's series and other administrative meetings.

In addition to hours spent seeing clients, interns are expected to be at the center on Wednesdays and Fridays from about 8:00 am through 2:00 pm. Interns are also expected to provide one evening of service.

MSW candidates from master's level Social Work programs are eligible to apply.

We will begin accepting applications to the social work program starting January 2nd, 2013 and the final deadline for receiving applications will be January 30, 2013. Applications should be made through the student's graduate school's placement department. Please direct any additional questions to David Spinner, LICSW at spinske@comcast.net or call him at 617-277-8107.

Family and Couples Therapy Internship

The family and couples therapy program at Brookline Community Mental Health Center specializes in the evaluation and treatment of couples and families. Training is provided in short and long term models of family therapy including structural, strategic, narrative, psychodynamic and transgenerational. This is done through the lens of the developmental life cycle with a multicultural and strengths based perspective. Opportunities exist to work with families in at the center as well as in the community (school and home based) with clients who represent a wide variety of socioeconomic, cultural and nontraditional backgrounds.

Interns provide 12 clinical hours per week in a 24-hour a week placement.  Approximately half of those hours will be family and/or couples cases.  Intern's primary supervisor is a staff member licensed in the same discipline.  For psychology interns this is in compliance with APA regulations.  Interns receive one hour of supervision in family therapy and can choose up to two additional hours of supervision in other clinical areas (I.e., adult, child, group, etc.). Family interns are members of the weekly Family Team meeting and fully participate in the Intern Training Program including seminars and other meetings required of interns.  

Candidates have usually completed at least one previous practicum and in general will be third or fourth year students in Doctoral level Counseling and/or second year students in Social Work Masters programs. Applicants should have experience and course work in family work and theory, or one year of group work or larger community systems organizational work.

The deadline for applications is January 4, 2013 for Doctoral Psychology students and January 10, 2013 for Masters-level Social Work students. Doctoral Psychology students should submit a cover letter of interest, a resume, two letters of reference and a writing sample. Send in both electronic and hard copy forms to Phillip Laidlaw, Psy. D. at drplaidlaw@rcn.com and c/o Brookline Community Mental Health, 41 Garrison Road, Brookline, MA 02445. Social Work students should apply through their field placement departments. Andrea M Johnson, LICSW andreajohnson@brooklinecenter.org and Sandra Duggan, LICSW sandraduggan@brooklinecenter.org will be in contact with social work schools.

Group Training at Brookline Community Mental Health

There is a special opportunity for those who desire in-depth training in group psychotherapy. A prospective intern could have a primary focus in child group psychotherapy or a secondary focus in adult group psychotherapy. The two possibilities are as follows:

1) Child group training. Co-lead 5-7 child groups with experienced leaders. The intern must be able to commit to working with these groups through May 13th. Supervision provided.

2) Adult group training. Co-lead one adult group with an experienced leader. There are also opportunities to process observe longer term psychodynamic groups. In addition to the Wednesday/Friday training requirements, the adult group position requires that the intern be available on Tuesdays from 12:00-2:00 (1-1/2 hours group, 1/2 hour supervision), and ideally on Fridays from 12-1 for group supervision with other group leaders and an experienced consultant from the community.  

If interested in either of the above, please note in letter of interest. More information will be provided during interviews.